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Top Cities to Visit in Africa

In this post, we will share the list of the best cities in Africa that you should visit. Each of these towns is 100% unique and will broaden your overview. Also, you will get a lot of stunning shots on your camera.

Marrakesh, Morocco

The first city on our list is Marrakesh, Morocco. It’s the country’s financial and tourist center. This city combines the atmosphere of an industrial center and a medieval Muslim city. It captivates a lot of tourists with its hospitality and a large number of attractions like the Moorish minaret, which was built in the 12th century. 

Cape Town

It is a vibrant city on the south of the continent that will impress you with its unique charm. Even though Cape Town is part of Africa, it looks rather like a British city. You can see the colonial past everywhere in Cape Town. Also, there is a great view from the top of Table Mountain.

Djenné, Mali

Do you want to see the oldest African city with the mud-brick houses that will return you to the past? If so, you should go to Djenné, Mali. The most famous place in this city is the Grand Mosque that is also made of mud.

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Cairo, Egypt

You should add this city to your list, planning a trip to Africa. Visiting Cairo, you will be able to see the longest river on the continent and dive into a multi-million city with an almost limitless number of attractions and museums about Ancient Egypt. 

Most importantly, you’ll be able to see the magnificent pyramids and Sphinx by yourself, driving to the nearest city, Giza. 

Luxor, Egypt

It is the second city in Egypt that you have to visit if you’re a real fan of Ancient Egypt. It was the pharaohs’ capital, and the city remains luxurious according to ancient standards. The most famous places there are the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, and royal tombs.

Stone Town, Tanzania

Stone town is the old part of the city of Zanzibar. It is famous for its incredible architecture. There are a lot of old homes, forts, and churches. However, the main perk of this city is its coastline with clean-blue water and golden sand.  

Tunis, Tunisia

Don’t forget to visit this marvelous city in North Africa. It is the country’s capital with access to the Mediterranean sea. It is home to centuries-old buildings. Also, the city accepts a lot of tourists, so it has a great infrastructure for travelers from all around the globe. 

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What To Bring to Africa?

If you have never been to Africa, don’t forget about the required items for your trip. For starters, you need to bring cash dollars only, since it may be hard to find an ATM in Africa. Pack some toiletries, including wet wipes, and don’t forget about the first aid kit. Lastly, you need to get sunglasses, shirts with long sleeves, a manual or solar panel energy generator, and insect repellents.


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