KFC Nigeria Apologizes Following Outlet Closure Over Discrimination Incident

KFC Nigeria Apologizes Following Outlet Closure Over Discrimination Incident

Lagos, Nigeria (TAE) – In a recent turn of events that has sparked nationwide outrage and conversation about inclusivity and discrimination, KFC Nigeria issued an official apology following the closure of one of its outlets at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. The shutdown came after allegations of discrimination against Adebola Daniel, the son of former Nigerian state governor Gbenga Daniel, because of his use of a wheelchair.

Adebola Daniel took to X, a popular social media platform, to share his experience, describing it as “the worst sort of public humiliation” he had ever encountered. According to Daniel, he was explicitly told to leave the KFC outlet because wheelchairs were not allowed on the premises. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, prompted immediate backlash from the public and an investigation by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), culminating in the branch’s closure.

In his detailed account, Daniel recounted how the manager of the KFC outlet persistently refused service to him and his family, stating that the company’s policy at the Murtala Muhammed branch excluded wheelchair users. An audio clip shared by Daniel further exposed the controversy, featuring a conversation with a female worker, presumably the manager, indicating that it was a known policy to not allow wheelchairs inside the restaurant.

Responding to the widespread criticism and the FAAN’s directive, KFC Nigeria extended its “sincere apologies” to Adebola Daniel and the broader community, acknowledging the distress caused by the incident. In a statement released on X, the fast-food chain expressed deep regret and outlined immediate corrective actions, including employee training focused on inclusion and empathetic customer service.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, which ordered the closure, has also mandated KFC to publicly display a non-discrimination policy at their restaurant as a prerequisite for reopening. This incident has ignited a significant discussion on the importance of accessibility and non-discrimination policies within the service industry in Nigeria, calling attention to the need for greater inclusivity and sensitivity towards individuals with disabilities.

As KFC Nigeria works to rectify the situation and regain public trust, this event serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and the critical need for societal progress towards inclusivity and equality.

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